A New Alternative Rock Record Label Makes It In The Big League!

Corey D

Epic Records is a fresh, new record label that is taking the recording industry by the horns. Epic Records has grown considerably over the last year. Their latest artist, Corey D has grown over-night with the release of his latest album Skylight. Skylight reached the #11 spot on the Billboards Top 100! We are excited to announce that Epic Records is still currently signing new artists. Epic Records can only go up from here

More About Epic Records

Epic Records is a new record company that strives to be more than any other. The company prides itself in being more than the generic, over-produced sound. Epic Records is a small independent record company with creative and open-minded employees, with their primary focus being to break new artists into the live performing industry. Epic Records is determined to bring a unique sound into the music industry.

Epic Records is constantly searching for and nurturing new artists. Epic Records is looking for what makes the individual artists different. This will accomplish finding a unique sound within the alternative rock industry. Epic Records is passionate about bringing new artists into the music industry.

Epic Records strives to provide new and innovative experiences through live music. Focusing on differentiating sounds and characteristics of new artists opens doors for opportunity in live music. The target market for fans of these artists that are released under Epic Records are primarily ages 13-23. The gender most prominent in the target market is women.

These fans would be either a student or in the working class. These demographics have been a trend in most of the alternative and alternative rock genres. They are also fairly high (but not prominent) in electric music such as EDM, house, dub-step, etc. These genres have shown considerable growth over the years.

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